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Iberport joins green energy

In the infinity of values that we have in Iberport, one of the most important is the commitment with the environment, which makes us to be in a continuous search of improvements towards a more sustainable environment.

On this occasion, we have taken the step hand in hand with Integria, a company dedicated to solar self-consumption, and which has helped us to Frigoríficos Iberport reduce up to 55.232 kg/year of CO2 emissions!

We have installed a self-consumption photovoltaic plant, reducing the carbon footprint that we generated. Almost every daily activity involves the use of polluting energies, creating a great impact on the environment.

We have always been taught that plants absorb CO2 and purify our air, a single tree can absorb an average of 10kg of CO2, but this is insufficient when the quantities are so high. But did you know that one domestic photovoltaic system (3kWp) is equivalent to planting 190 trees? This represents a saving of 38 tonnes of CO2 in 20 years.

In addition, the installation of a photovoltaic system has further benefits for the environment:

  • Chemical - as it produces no waste, emissions or residues.
  • Thermal - as temperatures do not exceed 60°.
  • Acoustic - thanks to the total absence of noise.

Although it is not an inexhaustible measure, its useful life is around 25-30 years, and once it ends, the cycle continues, as up to 98% of its components are recyclable.

This is just one more step in our aim for continuous improvement.

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